Remove Pet and Human Urine Odors with OdorZymeŽ provides guaranteed odor and stain removal products. products are up to 150% Stronger and Cost Less!

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OdorZyme is the BEST product on the market! I have two big dogs and when there is an accident or one of them gets sick, OdorZyme is the product that I reach for. I wasted money on other products before I found OdorZyme - NEVER AGAIN!. This is the only product that I will EVER purchase again. It is a GREAT value for the price. Thank you for a product that actually does what it claims!

T.M., Oconomowoc, WI

When we bought our first house, we also inherited the lingering odors of the previous owner's dog. We replaced the floors, painted, and tried cleaning with every household cleaner imaginable -- but still the faint odor of urine was present. OdorZyme was the ONLY product that could actually eliminate the problem forever. It worked on walls, sub floors, and concrete equally well -- and the black light made it easy to pinpoint exactly where the odor was coming from!
M. D., Centreville, VA
The important thing for me in using Odorzyme is that most of my family can hardly stand any detergents/airfreshners due to allergies. We are able to use Odorzyme anywhere without allergy side effects. I have even put a capful of OdorZyme in with the load of laundry to deal with smells that have caused problems.
K.W., Moncks Corner, SC
I bought Odorzyme online because my cocker spaniel decided that my 1 month old carpet looked good for a restroom. I had steam cleaned the carpet 3 times and the smell would not go away. I went online to find something to remove the odor. I did a search and Odorzyme came up. I ordered the 8oz bottle and used every drop. Instantly the smell was gone. I placed a reorder immediately.
C.G., Orange Beach, AL
OdorZyme and the Black light saved my carpeted home from becoming a smelly place due to the marking intact males that I handle in the show ring. Using the black light I found all the spots where they had marked and got them covered by OdorZyme. I will not use any other product in my home or around my shelties.
A.N., Celebration, FL

We live in a high-rise condominium in the middle of Waikiki and have four male pets in 1000-sq apartment...and they all like to claim pieces of it as their own! Without Odorzyme no one would visit us--even in Hawaii!Aloha and Mahalo, Odorzyme.

K.C., Waikiki, HI



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Save money with OdorZyme Concentrates! Just mix with water and apply to the source of the urine affected area.
4 oz. & 8oz.
Just mix with water!

4 oz concentrate bottle makes one gallon Ready To Use (RTU) Only $29.95

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8 oz. concentrate bottle makes two gallons Ready To Use (RTU) Only $49.95  

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Best Value! 16 oz. concentrates makes 4 gallons Ready To Use (RTU) Only $69.95
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OdorZyme® 22oz. Spray "Clean & Fresh Scent" is the same formula as the concentrate on in a Ready To Use  spray bottle for smaller area problems. Keep the OdorZyme® 22oz. spray  on hand for quick clean ups and ongoing maintenance. Only $18.95

*This item is only available for shipping within the continental U.S.


OdorZyme® 1/2 Gallon "RTU" "Clean & Fresh Scent" is ready to use straight from the bottle. No mixing required. OdorZyme® 1/2 gallon is perfect for multiple spot problems and larger areas. Best applied with a hand pump sprayer or pouring directly on the problem areas to reach all the affected area. Also great for ongoing maintenance! Only $39.95

*This item is only available for shipping within the continental U.S.

Pet Freshner is a professional strength formulation of safe and natural odor neutralizers.

Pet Freshner 22 oz. Spray is a professional strength formulation of safe and natural odor neutralizers. It can be used on most pets as well as in air and on fabrics, other porous surfaces, and on hard surfaces impacted by pet odors. Eliminates odors on contact! Use to freshen pet fur, pet bedding, pet cages, air, and personal, household and automotive surfaces that have picked up odors from pets. Only $14.95 

*This item is only available for shipping within the continental U.S.

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