Remove Pet and Human Urine Odors with OdorZymeŽ provides guaranteed odor and stain removal products.

"The Difference is Science"
- Are you serious about removing those offensive odors and stains?
- Have you tried to remove urine odors with "home remedies", "miracle products" or those "As Seen on TV" pet urine cleaners?
- If so,you probably found that the odor returned when you cleaned your carpet or when humidity returned to the room.
No matter if it is dog urine, cat urine or human urine, to remove the smell you need to remove the odor at the source. OdorZyme®  was developed to eradicate urine crystals that cause the odors and stains left by all types of protein based problems. OdorZyme® is an odor and stain remover that is safe to use around pets and children and is certified biodegradable. Remove offensive pet urine odor or human urine odors with OdorZyme®.
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